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Rimrock Property Management offers best in class property management services to clients across the country. Please email Rebecca Kirsch or fill out the form below to request more information.

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Effective leasing is crucial in maximizing the value of any investment property. Our professional leasing agents and proven process give our clients peace of mind knowing their property is being professionally marketed and leased.

Rent Collection

We reduce the risk of lost income due to missing or late rent payments with dedicated staff that oversee your property's rent collection.


Our Property Management Reports communicate how your property is performing and what goals to focus on for the specific property or portfolio.


Property maintenance is an essential aspect of both real estate ownership and property management. For this reason, we put systems in place to maintain functional, comfortable, and safe environments for your property's tenants. We ensure your property and its immediate environment is in optimum condition, including maintenance activities such as safety checks, cleaning, rodent control, garbage disposal, gardening, landscaping, and asset repairs.